The kitchen of the future by Hoover


How will the kitchen of the future be? Hoover showed it at the latest edition of IFA. “The Hoover Kitchen of the Future – explained the company – is the perfect synthesis of connectivity applied to household appliances and the answer to every need: high technology standards, quality materials and state-of-the-art innovations to ensure high performance. Core not only of the family but also of social life, Hoover Kitchen of the Future is enriched by the latest technological innovations: a perfect synergy between artificial intelligence, essential to the evolved user looking for a real benefit in technology and interconnectivity among devices, to recreate a fluid and perfectly connected technology ecosystem”. The whole range of smart products presented at IFA has been available to the public, who has discovered its high performance thanks to a unique, immersive, fully-VR (Virtual Reality) experience. Wearing the most sophisticated VIVE viewer, users have discovered the potential of connected products, through virtual reality. Through the viewer, the public has discovered the potential of the Hoover appliances reproduced in 3D through two different levels of interaction. In the first, the user has discovered the potential of home appliances inside the Hoover kitchen through a 360-degree video. In the second, more dynamic, the user could also move inside the dedicated area and interact, for instance, with the Vanity oven – real hub of the kitchen – and with TED Food, the innovative system designed by Hoover, capable to recognize the food by scanning it and making a “map” of what’s in the fridge, testing the effective interconnection of appliances among them and with the outside world. “Connectivity and continuous research for innovation are a philosophy for Hoover and, in general, for the Candy Group, an attitude which has always been at the centre of production – commented Marco Balliano, Head of Built-in & Cooking Business Sector -. This is why, over the years, we have introduced revolutionary novelties in the market, taking the lead. One of them is the percentage of connected users: 64% of smart appliances on the market are part of our Group. Future technologies will completely transform the role of the kitchen, which will increasingly become the focus of the social life of every family”.


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