The advantages of the Dual Crisp Technology


Whirlpool has launched the new Supreme Chef microwave oven line, featuring the innovative Dual Crisp Technology. The Whirlpool Dual Crisp system allows user to get excellent crispness thanks to the Dual Power Technology with double microwave emission. The Dual Power Technology controls the microwave distribution inside the oven cavity. The first microwave source covers the entire cavity, reaching the inside of the food, while the second one addresses the microwaves towards the special Crisp Plate, bringing it to high temperatures. It is thus possible to obtain crisp food on each side, which remain tender and juicy inside, keeping intact the compactness, as well as taste and nutrients. The Crisp Fry function also allows to fry without adding oil, reducing greases, thanks to the combined action of Dual Crisp, Forced Convection system and Grill. The microwave oven, which is part of the W Collection, has sixty preset recipes and five cooking methods (Precision Bake to bake as in a conventional oven with a precise temperature control with 5°C increments at a time, Dual Crisp, Dual Steam with two containers to steam cook, Reheat and Grill).


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