The market of the screens


The decision of two large groups to invest in the production of TV screens confirms the good time of this ambit. The South Korean LG Display Group is investing $ 13.2 billion in the creation of a new OLED Large Screen Production Plant. The plant will be located in Paju, South Korea, and will enter into operation between 2019 3ed and 2020. Instead, the Taiwanese giant Foxconn announced the $ 10 billion investment in a new LCD screen manufacturing facility, which will be in the state of Wisconsin in the US.

PC screen shrinking continues: due to the ever-increasing move towards mobile devices, PC sales worldwide have been declining steadily. The IDC research agency estimates 117 million units the total that will be made at the end of the current year. This represents a decrease of 1.2% compared to 2016. 2018 is expected to further decrease by 2.2%. The negative trend will continue to continue in the following years.


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