Samsung developed an innovative battery material


A team of researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) developed a “graphene ball,” a unique battery material that enables a 45% increase in capacity, and five times faster charging speeds than standard lithium-ion batteries. The breakthrough provides promise for the next generation secondary battery market, particularly related to mobile devices and electric vehicles. In its research, SAIT collaborated closely with Samsung SDI as well as a team from Seoul National University’s School of Chemical and Biological Engineering. “In theory – Samsung explains – a battery based on the ‘graphene ball’ material requires only 12 minutes to fully charge”. In its research, SAIT sought for an approach to apply the graphene, a material with high strength and conductivity to batteries, and discovered a mechanism to mass synthesize the graphene into a 3D form like popcorn using affordable silica (SiO2). This “graphene ball” was utilized for both the anode protective layer and cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries. This ensured an increase of charging capacity, a decrease of charging time as well as stable temperatures.


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