Rold: a training course for the smart manufacturing


Rold is part of a pool of companies (ABB, Cisco, Electrolux, Fuid-O-Tech, IBM Client Innovation Center, Pcvue, Project Automation, Siemens, Tim and Varsirio Industria) that offer their support (as well as internships in the company) to promote the training for the smart manufacturing through a two-year training course, which will start in April and will take place at the Rizzoli Institute in Milan. It is a course designed with and for the companies that trains technical staff able to support the digital production activities in the industrial field, knowing how to collect and analyze the process data, intercept and manage the growing demand for data, Cloud and Industrial IoT, applying these skills in the Asset Optimization and Service, using augmented reality technologies to increase the effectiveness of the maintenance interventions.


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