Bioplastics for an innovative Electrolux’s refrigerator


Electrolux has developed a refrigerator prototype where all the visible plastic parts are made of bioplastics from renewable sources. The bioplastic for the refrigerator has a more than 80% lower carbon footprint compared to the conventional plastics used today. The prototype – said the company – is the world’s first refrigerator made of bioplastic and part of Electrolux strategy to create more sustainable home appliances. Unlike ordinary plastics that are oil-based, the bioplastics come directly from renewable resources, such as corn or sugarcane, and are recyclable. Over the last several years, the Electrolux Global Connectivity & Technology Center (GC&T) has explored and tested how bioplastics can be applied in Electrolux products and packaging. Together with the Electrolux Purchasing and R&D departments for food preservation, GC&T has successfully developed the refrigerator prototype: the material used in the appliance has been provided by NatureWorks, a supplier of biopolymers. Electrolux has already committed to materials efficiency through the use of post-consumer recycled plastics, such as Carborec®, a plastic compound based on recycled polypropylene, extending the lifetime of plastic coming from non-renewable resources. The bioplastic refrigerator is still in development and there is currently no timeframe set for when the product will be officially launched on the market.


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