The TEM cell is a device for the test of irradiated emissions and of immunity of electronic devices. Due to the small sizes and the low costs, it is a valid alternative to the measurements in anechoic chamber.

TBTC1 is defined “open TEM cell” as it has no lateral walls; the DUT is positioned on the bottom. It can detect the RF noise, which however is eliminated by executing a measurement of the output signal of the cell before switching on the DUT.

TBTC1 is designed to operate with maximum frequencies of 700 MHz, however, it can be used also at frequencies exceeding 1 GHz. The device is supplied with a RF 50 Ohm/25 W termination and a DC block to protect the spectrum analyser or the input of the RF receiver.

In the test of irradiated emissions, the TEM cell collects the noise irradiated by the DUT, similar to a broadband antenna, and presents it at the input of the analyser.

In radiated immunity tests, the TEM cell is connected with the output of a signal generator and of a RF amplifier through which irradiating the DUT positioned in its inside.


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