The first RPE Family Open Day


The 1st RPE Family Open Day was held on September 8th. It was a convivial event organized by RPE open to its employees and their families, who were able to visit the company in which they work. More than 110 participants were able to see the operative and production areas where solenoid valves, flow meters, pressure reducers and filters are produced that the company provides to manufacturers of coffee machines, ice machines, dishwashers, industrial washing machines, faucets and installations and distributors of irrigation systems for small and large extensions. An interesting area was set up to show how and where the Rpe products are assembled; therefore, coffee machines, taps and so on, sectioned to highlight where are placed the solenoid valves, the liter counters etc. The Family Open Day was a highly appreciated initiative that has given employees the opportunity to show their families their workplace and the destination of technological innovation distributed for over 40 years in Italy and around the world.


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