Capacitive sensors for the humidity detection


The new dryer series 9000 by AEG detects the internal wetness of fabrics and dries the most delicate fibres, through an innovative capacitive sensor that automatically adjusts suitable time and heat degree.

by Marika Comotti

Not only washing: also drying enhances its smart performances through the availability of smart components and sensor systems, which aim at notably improving the protection performances of different fabric types, like wool, silk or sports fabrics. By AEG’s (Electrolux Group), innovation for the new dryer series 9000 is called 3DSCAN, able to detect the humidity of fabrics also in-depth, adjusting the suitable degree and the drying cycle.
The AEG T9DEC856D drier treats the various kinds of fabrics while preserving their technical features and stretched fibres. The “brain” of the drying process is the new 3DSCAN sensor, unique novelty on the market exclusively provided by AEG brand, which detects the humidity of each garment and regulates the cycle time and temperature automatically, assuring the perfect clothe drying irrespective of thickness and fabric.
The technological innovation of the system and of the single component plays a key role, as explains Carlo Samori, Product Line Manager Laundry of Electrolux.
“The common sensors at disposal on the market are based on water conductivity. The main components of the conductometric sensor are two metal bars introduced inside the drum that measure the wetness level of the garments with which are in direct contact, therefore detecting the humidity only on the outer surface of the laundry. The innovation of 3DSCAN is represented by the capacitive sensor that, unlike conductomeric sensors, succeeds in measuring the humidity of the clothes contained inside the drier, up to 5-cm depth. This allows the drier to stop when all garments inside the drum are dry and not only when those getting in touch with the sensor are dried”. In particular, “The FiberPro system consists in a spiral-shaped airflow coming from all angles of the drum and it permits to dry even the most challenging points, like pockets and seams. This system, combined with the capacitive 3DSCAN sensor, grants an effective drying even in the thickest clothes or in those upholstered inside like duvets and quilts”. The target is developing a system that supports users in all of its performances during the appliance use. This is pursued by the integrated remote connection for the control of the machine and of the laundry drying process, which allows starting and monitoring the drier also when we are not at home: like a real personal assistant, Care Advisor selects the most suitable drying cycle according to the load, automatically sets up the programme and assures perfect results all times. The new capacitive sensor of 3DSCAN technology becomes part of AEG systems for the smart clothe drying that includes also the AbsoluteCare® system (already equipping all AEG driers series 8000), able to adapt temperature and drum motion according to the selected programme. “This enables – Samori adds– an uncompromised drying also for the most delicate fabrics, like wool and silk, conferring the Woolmark Blue certification. The Outdoor programme, available also on the dryer series 9000 with 3DSCAN technology, allows drying sports clothes restoring their waterproof properties through the AbsoluteCare® system that adapts temperatures and drum motions to the selected cycle”.


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