The right burners for the kitchen on the road


Whether by boat or caravan, the Sabaf Group offers solutions to make the preparation of each dish simple and safe.

The 2020 holidays are characterized by a boom in national tourism, in particular the travel in camper, caravan and boat to avoid airports, stations and all those places (hotels, restaurants, etc.) where it is more difficult to maintain social distance.  In this context, even the kitchen space “mobile” must know how to adapt to meet every need.

The Sabaf Group offers the iconic series of burners called “Camper”; and the name is not random.

Their fundamental characteristic, in fact, is that they have been designed as a modular system so that they can adapt to the means of transport (campers, caravans, boats). In fact, the lid, the flame divider and the injector cup are united in a certain way to form a whole to ensure greater stability and safety in case of “turbulence” such as those that may be caused by the movement of the medium in question.

The technical details of Camper
Available in three models: auxiliary, semi rapid, rapid. In the recreation vehicles version (camper cars, caravans, boats) the lid, the flame-spreader and the injector holder cup are screwed together to form a single piece. Available in three models: auxiliary, semi rapid and rapid. It is also possible to choose between versions with visible through screws or hidden screws.


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