HOSPITALITY: Ultra-flat heating elements


Alper designs and creates ultra-flat heating elements, circuits and sensors, devised for the most different applications in various product sectors, like Automotive, Ho.Re.Ca., Industry and Medical, Sensors and not only.

by Olivia Rabbi

Alper ultra-flat flexible heating element

The professional structures dedicated to the food preparation and distribution constantly need controlled environments and low-temperature heating of foods, crockery and/or kitchen tools. Alper offers an essential contribution to the sector, brings heat only when necessary, with conductive effect on surfaces of various sizes and shapes, through heating elements that, if conditions allow it, do not need temperature control systems.
Flexible ultra-flat heaters by Alper, made with silver, carbon and PET, are the example of a combination of raw materials that allow obtaining high application versatility and they are fully designed, manufactured and tested (not on sampling) to be able to assure a very high-quality flexible element, suiting various uses and able to satisfy customers’ manifold requirements.
One of the most appreciated applications is the heating of cup-heating plates in professional coffee machines, with an important process evolution that concerns performances and reduction of energy consumptions. In the past, cups were heated by the heat spread by the boiler, work modality that involved the significant dispersion of an enormous energy quantity into the environment.
The new ultra-flat heating elements purposely studied for cup-heating plates allow thermically insulating the boiler of coffee machines, permitting two-figure energy savings: using a small quantity of energy, heat is directly concentrated close to the cups to be heated, enabling to improve notably the energy class of professional appliances.
Alper is ISO 9001- and ISO 45001-certified and can produce its components with UL and VDE marks when required.


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