Thermal fuses series SW


The Korean company Sung Woo, which produces thermal fuses in the manufacturing site at Taegu (400 kilometres south to Seoul), whose European sales office is located in R&D Components, has widened again the approvals of its products and has obtained from UL, for the SW1 series, the extension of the operation current of 16A to 250V.

Due to this upgrade, today the range by Sung Woo can offer various models: SW2 models, which work at 2A, 250V, SW1 models that are certified to operate at 10A, 15A and 16A at 250V, and SW3 versions, which can operate up to 21A, 240V.

The constant sale growth in Europe in the last years has made Sung Woo protagonist in the markets of resistances, of refrigeration and of coffee machines.

The professionalism and the dynamism of both R&D Components and of the Korean manufacturer and the excellent competitiveness of their facilities create an extremely incisive mix able to satisfy whatever customer demand.


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