Leak testing equipment


Schreiner Testing, a german company with its italian branch in Bologna, for over 30 years has been a specialist in leak and flow testing equipment.  The new leak tester LPC 450 is suitable for the testing of valves, pipes, taps, and generel household appliances parts. Based on Windows embedded operating system , can be used as a stand-alone instrument, or connected to a pc, or integrated into a testing bench.  The integrated digital pressure regulator and the absolute pressure sensor allow precise and reliable leak tests, up to 10 bar pressure. Through the many available interfaces (serial, ethernet, profibus, PLC) it is possible to export test results, control the device from a remote pc or a network, or connect it to a barcode scanner. The wide display on the front panel allows simple and quick management of test parameters, and shows in real-time the test process, in graphic or alphanumeric format.