The barbecue is updated


The appeal is that of the outdoor kitchen, but the appliance is rigorously electrical. The proposal by Severin for a conviviality object, conceived to meet contemporaneous requirements.

 Silvia Fissore

The company that produces household appliances has conceived a range of table barbecues, provided with support and designed to last in time, thanks to the quality of materials, and to be in line with contemporaneous housing trends.

The research and development department has been requested by the company to devise an essential, compact and easily cleaned product. Body, resistance and grills, in fact, can be dismounted with few simple gestures.

Each barbecue is equipped with three fundamental elements: a thermostat to adjust the temperature, an electrical resistance and a light indicator that signals the switching on and off of the appliance.

The company has dedicated three high-tech production lines to the new barbecue range, actually tripling the productive potential but at the same time increasing the working flexibility and the implementation speed.

The new range includes two table models, thought for the use in narrow spaces, and four models with support, suitable for terraces or gardens.

Severin, German company that produces household appliances, with its new range of electrical barbecues, has given the opportunity of exploring a sector, the ambit of barbecues, which constitutes a watershed between the outdoor segment and the cooking one. Despite the general economic crisis, the world of the European barbecue is in the expansion phase and the only concern for this market is connected with the climate conditions, which in every season are determinant to decree the success, or not, of the sector. The market is driven by the growing desire of cooking outdoor, coupled with the conviviality element: it is a trend that comes from the United States and, in general, is linked with the Anglo-Saxon culture. In Europe, besides Great Britain, the other Countries where this type of cooking predominates are Germany and France; but also in Italy it is no joke, considering that according to statistics two Italians out of three love grilling. This success partly depends on the fact that today is increasingly spreading the concept of “outdoor kitchen”, real environments where we can express all of our full skills, with all the comforts and the technological performances of semi-professional appliances. The pursuit of high-quality appliances and accessories standing out for their innovative technologies– which promise a more efficient, healthier and safer cooking in comparison with disposable products sold in gas stations or in do-it-yourself shops – is steeply rising. Housing requirements, as well as convivial and culinary habits, are nevertheless very variable and make it difficult to trace an identikit of the barbecue: suitcase-shaped, wall-mounted, made of wood and steel, fixed or with castors, powered with gas, charcoal or wood or electrical. Therefore, really lots of types are available on the market, characterized by different size and cost and it is possible to subdivide them into two macro-categories: the first includes electrical barbecues, fully similar, at least in the shape, to traditional charcoal ones, the second is composed by models with non-stick hot plate.

Both are conceived for people who do not want to have, or cannot own, an enormous charcoal barbecue, for all those, then, who have not a garden and perhaps live in a condominium or intend to simplify the preparation and cooking operations. The common denominator of these barbecues is that they do not need any charcoal: therefore they emit neither fume nor smell of coal and they can be comfortably arranged and operated also in a small outdoor space, like a balcony or patio.

The idea
The range by Severin has been thought for people who like having an essential, small and handy barbecue. “The research and development department of Severin had the target of upgrading a ‘best seller’ of the company since the Fifties” explains Felice Caputo, general manager of Severin Italia. “The barbecue, in fact, is still today a key-product in the wide range of our proposals. Hence the need of constantly upgrading it, according to the current housing trends “.For this reason the company has conceived a line of table barbecues, ideal for the use on the balcony, and a parallel line with support suitable for wider spaces.

The concept design

The Research and Development Department of the German company has been requested to work mainly on the user-friendliness of the appliance, “especially as far as cleaning and maintenance operations are concerned” explains Caputo. Moreover, it was important also “to decrease the environmental impact “through an optimization of the energy efficiency, which today is a very important trend in the whole sector of household appliances and of consumer electronics. It was in fact fundamental to develop a product with an efficacious ratio between energy consumption and heating levels of the plate. “On the whole, the distinguishing trait of our barbecues is certainly their compactness: the overall dimensions are drastically reduced, allowing that the cooking space is the protagonist” states the manager.


Each electrical barbecue is provided with three essential elements: a thermostat to adjust the temperature, an electrical resistance and a light indicator that signals the switching on and off of the appliance. The advantages of an electrical barbecue undoubtedly spring from its handiness and easy management. The main benefit remains that the use of charcoal is not necessary, with an immediate saving in the purchase of the fuel and the consequent possibility of having the appliance always at disposal and ready to use. The limit, obviously, consists in the fact that a socket must always be available for its operation. Other distinctive elements of this typology of appliances are the grills and the compartments for the fat collection that can be made of aluminium or steel and that must be easily extractable for the cleaning at the end of each cooking. The peculiarity of the Severin barbecue is the presence of a tank for the fat collection that can be filled with water in order to diminish the production of fume and bad smells. The grill and the resistance are extractable and thanks to a safety micro-switch the heating elements automatically switch off in case of removal.

Materials and production
“For several years Severin has been leader in Germany just in the sector of electrical barbecues ” adds Felice Caputo “and recently the company has completely upgraded the department dedicated to the production of these appliances that, being mainly made of steel, call for cutting-edge machinery for the creation of the product body, as well as an efficient department of fire painting “. In particular, they have dedicated to the barbecue “three technologically advanced production lines, actually tripling the productive potential but at the same time increasing the work flexibility and the implementation speed “.

The body of the barbecue has been made of fire painted steel “for the highest resistance to rust, while the resistance consists of a single piece (then it is not jointed): a much more expensive productive solution that assures, however, heat uniformity and longer duration in time ” explains Caputo. Grills are chromium-plated and, besides being easily detachable, they can be washed in dishwasher, too. “Grill, body, tank and resistance are disassembled with two simple gestures, greatly facilitating cleaning and stocking. The company, besides, makes available various explicatory videos online.” Moreover, inside the electrical connection box, a safety device is provided. When the user places the heating element inside the recipient of the grill, the device is automatically activated only if the heating element has been correctly inserted.

The final result
The new table models and those with support have very high heating power, included between 2300 and 2500 Watts, among the most performing ones on the market to assure optimal cooking results, precisely as in charcoal barbecues. Among table models, the new 8526 barbecue, with 2300 Watt of power, is provided with a large chromium-plated grill measuring 851 cm2, easily removed to be then inserted also in the dishwasher. The 2791 model, in its turn, is equipped with screen and provides an even larger chromium-plated grill (1,066 cm2). The four models equipped with support and shelves are thought for the barbecue on the terrace or in the garden: among them, the 2792 type is 76 cm high with power of 2500W and a wide cooking surface (1066 cm2) easily extractable for cleaning; the 8521 model is 73 cm high and has a non-stick cast iron plate washable in dishwasher.

Barbecue-Grill PG2792
Black colour / material
Power 2500 W
Capacity / content 1066 cm²
Sizes 508 x 124 x 398 mm (L x H x W)
Number EAN 4008146279201
Big-size cooking grill
Chromium-plated grill adjustable in height in two positions
Extractable grill and resistance for easier cleaning
Safety micro-switch, the heating elements automatically switch off if they are removed
Body made of enamelled steel
Less fume and fewer smells thanks to the use of the tank with water
Adjustable thermostat
Detachable screen
Support legs with shelf
Control indicator
Grill sizes about 41 x 26 cm.
Height 76 cm

Severin – Felice Caputo – Ritratto
Felice Caputo, general manager of Severin Italia.