Integrated igniter for boilers IHS series


The new series of HIS integrated igniters, specifically studied by CastFutura for condensation and non-condensation boilers, includes all the twelve currently used in a single component. As a matter of fact, a single ceramic body houses both the ignition and/or detection electrode and the igniter itself. This solution, besides providing several advantages for logistics and production – that’s to say a single component to be managed and assembled instead of twelve – offers numerous, also technical advantages, such as: no high-voltage cable is necessary, with consequent higher efficiency of the ignition system; elimination of the crown effect and of the cable capacitive effect; more energy on the electrode and minor energy consumed by the net; reduction up to 70% of EMC emissions; fully sealed igniter with tightness exceeding 1 bar. Other important characteristics are: operation temperature up to130 °C; DC power supply from 1.5 to 12 V; AC from 100 to 230 V; discharge frequency from 10 to 50 Hz. Currently available in various models and with the possibility of directly assembling it on the exchanger instead of the standard ignition and/or detection electrode, our igniter is customized on each particular exchanger and user, in order to provide always the best performances without requesting any modification of exchanger, burner or boiler.