Anti-alias filters by Frequency Devices


Frequency Devices is notoriously renowned as leader in the design and production of conditioning products, the process and the recognition of signals and ADC and DAC data acquisition and conversions. Since 1968 Frequency Devices has provided designers with the analogue and digital solutions and the DSP processing of analogue/digital signals for a wide range of scientific and EOEM applications including aerospace, the medical sector, the process control and the vibration analysis.

The products by Frequency Devices include a wide range of electronic filters, usable also on electronic cards for electronic commands and controls on white goods like washing machines and dishwashers, and besides amplifiers with differential inputs and oscillators.

Frequency Devices solutions provide noise and distortions at 20 + bits with accuracy of amplitude, phase and quadrature in coupling.

Frequency Devices supplies solutions for any type of conditioning, process and signal handling, supporting its products with detailed technical documentation and therefore enabling engineers to reduce development times. Distributed by Alldata.

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