3D measuring instruments


HA03_P&C_CAM_MECSPECAM2 develops and market high-precision software solutions and 3D portable measuring devices.

CAM2 Edge ScanArm ES, one of the latest products presented, couples the innovative scanning probe Laser Line Probe with the flexibility of the Edge measuring arm, forming an ideal system for contact and contactless measuring.

The device is equipped with Enhanced Scanning Technology (EST). EST represents the combination of hardware and software innovations conceived to enhance the performances, improving the scanning capabilities of materials with complex optical characteristics, like dark and glossy surfaces.

The new HDR (HighDynamicRange) allows scanning materials that simultaneously present high-contrast colours (for instance white/black). CAM2 Edge ScanArm ES is ideal for the product development, the inspection and the quality control. It offers functions for the comparison of the point cloud with CAD, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and 3D modelling.