India: flat panel production up 20% after government bans free imports


As reported by the Indian newspaper Business Standard, Indian domestic production of LCD/LED TV panel’s increased during the September-November period, after the government ended duty-free import of high-end flat screen plasma televisions in August. “After the government imposed duty finishing free baggage allowance, there was a rise of 20% in the sales of the panel’s in September-November 2013”, said Anirudh Dhoot, president of CEAMA (Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association). Dhoot said the biggest gainers were the companies such as Samsung which has two huge production units in India. “This has also helped the domestic companies to boost their production by raising their installed capacities”, said Dhoot, on the sidelines of the CEAMA’s 34th annual function. He further added that the demand of the electronics in the Indian market is projected to rise to $125 billion in the next 2-3 years and may shoot to $400 billion by 2020. “This experience of growth is driven by surge in disposable income level, changing lifestyles, the aspirational values of electronics goods and availability of the credit facility”, said Dhoot.