Gifam: turnover of household appliances industry at 7.6 billion Euros in 2013


According to data published by Gifam (French association of manufacturers of household appliances), in 2013 the French sector of household appliances has achieved a turnover of 7.6 billion Euros, -1,5% compared to the previous year. In addition, about 15 million of major domestic appliances and more than 42 million of small domestic appliances have been sold. With regard to the first appliances, the sales in volume in 2013 showed a decrease of 1% and the average price of these products, in steady decline for several years, has led to a decline in turnover of 2.4% in 2013. In line with the trend to propose more efficient devices, 2013 saw the disappearance of washing machines and dishwashers in Class A.
With regard to the small appliances, there has been a growth in turnover of 0.3%. The appliances for the preparation of foods have grown in value by 9.3%, with the kitchen machines that reached +37%. In the area of ​​the products for the body care, the beard trimmers showed an increase of 15% and the epilators of 10%. In the sector of the cleaning of the house, instead, the electric brooms have seen a sharp increase (+40 %).