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Staking on targeted components like litre-counters and impurity filters can grant the household appliance functions and improve their eco-efficiency, at the same time limiting maintenance interventions in time.

Marika Comotti

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The improvement of the household appliance efficiency is determined also by the reduction and control of consumptions and water wastes: this can be enhanced by solenoid valve components purposely designed and manufactured, with compact sizes, easily installed on several types of appliances and with low maintenance in time. Two the examples, the litre counter series R, studied to grant an effective control and dosing of water consumption, and the self-blocking filter for the system protection against impurities thanks to a stainless steel filtering cartridge with 60/120 mesh, produced by RPE and intended for sectors that go from household appliances to sanitary appliances.

Combing consumptions 
HA04_ITP_RPE_CONNESSThe new litre counter of the R series, called also volumetric and equipped with two sensor types, “Hall” and “Reed”, and with two electrical connections with connector (3 PIN) or with cable, allows an accurate flow reading from 3 to 30 litres per minute. The redesigned internal turbine has eliminated the bypass to reach better reading precision. Its versatility makes it applicable on any typology of body of RPE solenoid valves (R Mini series– household appliance R Series – RC and RM modular series), operating with all possible connections and dimensions.

Functional design
HA04_ITP_RPE_ORIENTAMThe new design and its compact sizes (only 19 mm of height), allow its use in several sectors, in particular household appliances of all kinds. Equipped with utmost orientation versatility (360°) and wide installation flexibility (0°, 120° and 240°), it is light and resistant thanks to the high-tech materials used (acetal resin – POM), and easily and rapidly inspected through assembly with screws.

Stop to impurities 
The self-blocking filter against impurities, suitable for the installation on whatever circuit in which filtering is necessary (for instance household appliances, multifunction hydromassage baths and showers, irrigation of porches and gardens, water HA04_ITP_RPE_FILTROdistributors, industrial furnaces and sanitary appliances), can be easily inspected thanks to the cap that can be comfortably unscrewed manually. Its main characteristic consists in allowing its inspection by automatically interrupting the water flow inside the circuit without having to intervene on the system upstream: once cleaned the filtering mesh, you screw the cap again and the flow automatically restarts.

Application flexibility 
Particularly versatile, the filter can be mounted on body with 180° inlet as to the outlet and also on body with new 90°-geometry. The use of a new ferrule has increased the connection possibilities (¾” male and ¾” female), while both bodies have the prearrangement for the fixing with a flask. The presence of a double seal grants the tightness and avoids the water leakage when you unscrew the cap.

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