Silent and performing for the oven ventilation


Sound absorption, accurate design and simplification of the assembly and installation operations characterize state-of-the-art ventilators, both for free standing cookers and built-in ovens.

Manuela Gioberti

The oven ventilation is particularly strategic to grant the high-performance operation of the product, both concerning the cooling of door and control electronics and for the expulsion of steams from the cavity during the food cooking process. State-of-the-art ventilation systems, composed by motor, air conveyor and fan, integrated and ready for assembly, satisfy the requirements of household appliance producers by offering high reliability, maintenance of silent operation in time, small sizes and high efficiency. The technical standard is based on split-pole motors and also the BLDC architecture is provided (electronically commutated). Everel proposes different typologies of ventilation systems both for built-in ovens and for free standing cookers with overall dimensions up to 900 mm.

The ventilation unit for oven.
The ventilation unit for oven.

Everel ventilator, with plastic diffuser, has sound absorption characteristics that reduce the product noise level and allows the housing of active and passive components like thermostats, limiting resistors and electronic control cards, directly on the fan casing. The particular design facilitates the assembly of the finished product decreasing the number and the weight of the components to be handled, while at the same time limiting the number of necessary screws for the product fixing.

The BLDC motor.
The BLDC motor.

The axial/tangential fan, it too used for the cooling ventilation of electronics and the oven door, is a solution purposely studied and designed together with final customers. With H temperature insulation class, it is equipped with induction motor with 58 diameter, with 6.3 mm faston connections; characterized by extremely silent operation and a self-threading assembly system, it represents an excellent compromise between costs and benefits. The 7-blade fan made of plastic material, highly resistant to temperature, has been designed by Everel to optimize the air flow, thus avoiding the creation of noisy turbulences. The product has been tested by a severe life test of 5,000h, and has an air flow rate of about 80 m³/h.

The cavity blower.
The cavity blower.

The newly born at Everel’s is the muffle motor with H insulation class for domestic and professional ovens, which can be supplied with fan and specific tightening nuts. The small sizes of the motor make the product suitable for applications in narrow spaces; it is available in the version with and without cooling fan. The high customization (different types of flanges, length, shaft, power, torque and so on) make the product suitable for each specific oven platform. It features high efficiency if compared with the market offer and is approved by the most severe life tests.

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