Brazil: smartphones are 65% of the cellular market in the country


In the first two months of the year, sales of mobile phones reached 10.7 million units, according to data aggregated by Abinee (Brazilian association of electric and electronic industry). Of this total, 3.9 million were traditional phones and 6.8 million were smartphones, representing 65% of the market at the end of February. In February, 5.7 million cellulars were sold, of which 2 million traditional devices and 3.7 million smartphones. For 2014, according to the forecast around 66 million cellular will be sold (47 million smartphones and 19 million traditional appliances).

Sales of mobile phones in Brazil (units)

Category Jan/2014 Feb/2014
Traditional 1841260 2001557
Smarphones 3113636 3760699
Total 4954896 5762256
Source: Abinee