The perfection of gears


ENGELGear Girzmo is an uncommon wheelwork, formed by a squared gear, a triangular one and an elliptical one, which rotate in perfect synchrony. The project is a demonstration of how you can reach the perfection in the implementation of gears, also of complex shapes.

Gear Gizmo has been manufactured by Engel in collaboration with Winzeler Gear (which produces only injected moulded gears) and with the contribution by RJG (which produces pressure sensors in mould cavity). To implement a perfect wheelwork, they have adopted the criteria of the “scientific moulding”, which allows achieving a total control of the moulding process in the mould cavity. The press used is an Engel machine without columns, equipped with an automation system for the drawing and the assembly of the three gears on-board of the press.

Engel is the trustworthy supplier of the injection machines used by Winzeler Gear, all equipped with the specific interface for the eDart system by RJG.