France: electrical and electronic industry grew in June


grafico torteAccording to Insee (French Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), in June 2014 the turnover of the industry manufacturing electrical and electronic equipments and machine equipments grew by 1.3% compared to May 2014. This happened after a sharp decrease in May compared to April 2014 (-2.6%). In detail, in June the turnover of the manufacture of electrical equipments increased by 0.5% compared to the previous month, while the turnover of the manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products grew by 0.3%. Besides, considering the turnover in April-June 2014 vs January-March 2014, the electrical equipments industry fell by 3.4%, while the electronic industry grew by 0.5%. Finally, observing the data concerning the whole category “electrical and electronic equipments – machine equipments”, the turnover in the period April-June 2014 compared to April-June 2013 decreased by 2.2%.