High-tech bracelet to control home devices


hirisThe Hiris project consists of a wearable device, built as a bracelet or a watch. This device, connected to the home network, can remotely control objects, which are also connected to the network. With a body gesture, for example, it is possible to raise the rolling shutters or change the thermostat temperature of the house or turn on and turn off the lights. Hiris is a modular, customizable and expandable wearable computer. The project was developed by three Italian start-ups (Apio, Circle Garage and SpotSoftware) and won the first prize at the first Smart Home Hackathon, a competition between start-ups and young innovators on the connected home. The event was organized by the association Energy@home and hosted at the I3P incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin.

The creators of Hiris project
The creators of Hiris project


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