A smart way to cook


Whirlpool-CucinaBarillaCooking fresh food without effort: it’s what it will be possible thanks to CucinaBarilla, the project born from the partnership between Barilla and Whirlpool. It’s an innovative appliance that seems like a microwave oven, capable of cooking in autonomy pasta, pizza, risotto, bread or cakes thanks to a kit of ingredients and the RFID technology. Each package of ingredients (not precooked) corresponds to a recipe and is equipped with an RFID label. When the label is approached to the appliance, this one recognizes it and sets the parameters for cooking in the best way. The appliance is able, for example, to mix and to leaven, and reports the time required for the food preparation. Some preparations, such as pasta or risotto, only require to pour the mix of ingredients in a special container to put in CucinaBarilla, other recipes require some small addition (for example mozzarella for pizza). The product cooks in autonomy, leaving the user free to do other things.