Philips collaborates with ABB to promote the smart home in China


smart homePhilips and ABB have begun a collaboration which will involve the seamless integration of the Philips Hue connected lighting system for the home with ABB’s i-Jia home automation system. The two companies will also collaborate to help to promote the smart home sector in China. Using i-Jia, consumers will be able, via the i-Jia dashboard app, to control Philips Hue lighting as well as TV, curtains and other household equipment. With Philips Hue, users can choose from a palette of 16 million colors to create and personalize their perfect lighting ambient. An important aspect of this collaboration is that ABB is working with Philips to undertake market education with on and offline promotions to stimulate the smart home concept and connected products and applications amongst Chinese consumers. All these actions are intended to drive the adoption of smart homes in China.