Manufacture of durable goods in USA: shipments increased by 2.8% in the first half of 2015


bandiera usaThe U.S. Census Bureau announced that new orders for U.S. manufactured durable goods in June 2015 increased by 7.7 billion dollar or 3.4 percent to 235.3 billion dollar compared to May 2015. In the same period, shipments grew by 0.3 billion dollar or 0.1 percent to 239.4 billion dollar. Considering the first six months of the year, new orders totaled 1,385,034 million dollar, -2% compared to the same period of the previous year, while shipments grew from 1,391,517 million dollar to 1,430,955 million (+2.8%). In June 2015, new orders of the category “electrical equipment, appliances and components” reached 10,280 million dollar, +2.8 compared to the previous month, while shipments decreased by -0.8 from 10,281 million dollar in May 2015 to 10,196 million dollar in June 2015. The trend in the first semester of the year shows that shipments of the sector “electrical equipment, appliances, and components” grew by 0.3% (61,879 million dollar in the first half of 2015 vs. 61,677 million dollar in the same period of 2014) but new orders decreased by 2.3% (from 64,038 million euro in the period January-June 2014 to 62,562 million euro in January-June 2015).