Elica Air Design Award has presented the cooker hood of the future

Kalla by Elena Paoletti.
Kalla by Elena Paoletti.
Kalla by Elena Paoletti.

Elica announced the 3 winners of the Elica Air Design Award which was held on the Desall platform. The site’s community, which includes over 60,000 designers, architects, interior designers and artists, was invited to design the cooker hood of the future. Participants were asked to develop a concept of the hood for domestic use that respected the look and feel of the company while at the same time breaking through traditional boundaries, in order to arrive at a formal synthesis. In their various imaginative versions of this futuristic hood, innovative and technological, the creative entrants drew on and reinterpreted iconic elements. They explored new features, capabilities and forms to come up with a fresh and original hood, taking into account the possibilities of mass production and saleability in the market. 314 new ideas were presented and three proposals were chosen: Aplós by Iwednesday aka Tony Badu; Sliding Doors by Antonio Lanzillo; and Kalla by Elena Paoletti. Aplos stood out because, despite being a classic T Shape product, it has a strong technological feature and a strong appeal. Sliding Doors was chosen for its originality in the reinterpretation of the vertical hood: unexpected, surprising and with essential lines. Kalla is a product that focuses on the emotions created by an iconic shape inspired to the nature.


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