Brazil: export and import of appliances decrease in 2015


brasileThe figures released by Abinee (Brazilian Electrical and Electronic Industry Association) show that Brazilian imports of home appliances are expected to decline 11% in 2015, decreasing from 1,884 million dollars in 2014 to 1,670 million in 2015. The decline in exports should be lower, reaching -6%. Exports decrease from 290 million dollars in 2014 to 273 million in 2015. As for the components, the imports – according to the forecasts – will drop by 19% (23,800 million dollars in 2014 vs. 19,185 million in 2015). The exports of components, however, are expected to decline by 4% (2,880 million dollars in 2014 vs. 2,772 million in 2015).

abinee tabella



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