Candy has developed the Puraction technology with the Polytechnic of Milan


Candy_KrioPuraction_CKCN  2021IX-1Puraction is the most efficient and quick hygiene system for combined refrigerators currently available on the market, as reported by Candy. The company has developed this innovative technology with the Polytechnic of Milan, that not only has collaborated in developing the system, but it has also tested the technology to certify the effectiveness. “By combining the special permanent titanium filter with UVA LED lights – Candy says in a press release – up to 99.9% of bacteria inside the refrigerator are eliminated in just 8 minutes, in case of No Frost Plus models with Multiflow column, or in 30 minutes in Bio No Frost ventilated models. A very important result for Candy, which is distinguished from the competitors by offering once again a unique and successful solution from several points of view. In fact, the Puraction technology offers not only excellent performances in terms of hygiene, but also an unprecedented speed in reaching the target”. The new technology is present in KriÓ Suite combined refrigerators that include ventilated models, Bio No Frost models and Total No Frost models in the variations 185/200 cm.


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