Seals with LED lights


Oldrati_Led_Light_IMAGEThe customers of Oldrati Group need to design and manufacture household appliances with rich innovation contents and at the same time safer, more functional and durable, able to satisfy the requirements of a constantly evolving market.

A more and more relevant aspect is design: the product must stand out from its competitors and be able to convey “emotions”.

Concept that Oldrati Group masters, developing the new seal with LED lights, thanks to its R&D Product Center and the collaboration with leader companies in the lighting industry.

The use of the LED technology grants, besides a much lower consumption than usual lamps used, a strong and warm lighting and much longer service life. Moreover, the extruded material quality grants a total sealing in the harshest application conditions in terms of temperature, presence of steams and fats.

A forefront product, which meets not only saving but also lighting requirements: the LED light, in fact, allows a perfect view of the household appliance interior and creates an atmosphere that conveys “emotion”.