The VitaminLED technology for Panasonic refrigerators


PAN_RGB_2015_Key05b_NR_BN34EX1_72dpiIn order to preserve the food longer, Panasonic has developed the VitaminLED technology for its innovative refrigerators (BN34E and BN31E models). This technology simulates the sunlight rays through LED lights (green, blue and white lights), and this favors the conservation of the vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables through the activation of their natural defenses: the green and blue LEDs are particularly effective in activating the vitamin C, while the white LEDs help preserve the vitamin D. Besides, the refrigerators are equipped with a BreatheTech membrane, made by a traditional Washi sheet, which automatically adjusts the level of humidity to the ideal value of 85-90%, for an optimal conservation also of the most delicate foods.