Elica inaugurated its open laboratory


In the presence of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Angelino Alfano, Elica inaugurated its new technology lab, developed on over 2,000 square meters with an investment of around 5 million euros. The Elica Propulsion Laboratory (EPL) is a forefront center, able to certify innovative products, meeting the regulations on safety, energy saving and electromagnetic compatibility. The laboratory, which was been exclusively used by the team of engineers and technicians of the Elica Group, now has been opened to external realities and is used by prestigious Italian and international companies operating in different sectors, such as household appliances, electronics, refrigeration, domestic heating, electronic road signage, sound insulation materials for the building sector. Designed as an open laboratory with an open approach towards the market and the innovative research, EPL will offer its structure to young engineers and university innovators who, under the supervision and guidance of the laboratory technicians, will use the equipments for their research projects. EPL is able to certify finished products, materials and components, ensuring safety in accordance with the international standards, energy efficiency, reliability, functionality and performances. The new center supports the research and innovation applied to materials, increasingly technological structures, packaging, qualification of components, correct energy consumption assessment, electromagnetic compatibility and acoustic impact. “We are very proud to present our new laboratory to the Minister Alfano, a unique project that looks at the international market. It is very important for us and we are working on this project for a long time. In a moment like the present one, we believe that it is relevant to make available an area of ​​excellence for research and innovation, not only for our national and global customers but also for the Italian System. For this reason we have thought of an innovative model of open laboratory that will allow companies and young university researchers to experiment and innovate at us”, commented Francesco Casoli, President of Elica.