Consumers’ preferences in Europe


The Observatory of Pagomeno, Schibsted Italy’s price and product comparator, shows which are the most sought-after appliances in Italy, UK, France and Sweden. At the first place there is the television, which is the most sought-after appliance from Europeans (31% of the researches). The Italians are the most active in research and comparison between the different types of TV (38% of the researches) but they are the consumers who intends to spend less (on average 1,260 euros). The British follow (34%, 1,490 euros) and then the French (27%, 1,670 euros) and the Swedes (24%, 2,150 euros). The most sought-after model is LG’s Oled TV (on the top of the rank) and the preferred size is the 55-inch screen, while the top three brands are Samsung (at the first place), followed by LG and Sony.
The second most researched category on are the vacuum cleaners: on average they represent 8% of the researches in Europe (9% in France and UK, 7% in Italy and 6% in Sweden). The Italians are willing to spend around 390 euros for the latest model, 12% more than the British, 19% more than the French and 52% more than the Swedes. As regards to the convenience and brands to buy, they all agree: the vacuum cleaner should be without bag and preferably Dyson, Kärcher or Hoover.
Besides, the washing machine represents 5% of the researches in Europe, with the Italians ranked first (7%), followed by the British, the French and the Swedes (4%). The Europeans show, by analyzing the search filters used for this household appliance, their interest on the ecology by selecting models with energy class AAA+. They also prefer washing machines in the classic white color. The Italians are the consumers willing to spend the highest price (767 euros) in order to purchase the desired model, while the European “cousins” ​are on an average figure of about 500 euros.
The refrigerator closes the rank of the most sought-after appliances: it is third in England (5% of the researches) and fourth in Italy (5%) and France (4%). Sweden is an exception, because in this country the refrigerator does not appear in the top 5. The British prefer models with at least 350 liters capacity, spending nearly 1,500 euros, or 16% more than the French, 46% more compared to the Italians and 72% more compared to the Swedes. About the color, however, all agree: the most loved refrigerator is silver.
Finally, each country has in its top 5 a particular product category that differentiates it from the other countries. In Italy, the consumers are looking for the espresso machines (4% of the researches, De’Longhi and Nescafé models), while the French are looking for the barbecues (7%, Weber models), the British are looking for the home cinema systems (5%, brands such as Samsung, Sony and Yamaha) and the Swedes are looking for routers (6.3%, Asus, Netgear and TP-Link).