Computerization is improving for TSC


The computerization level is one of the crucial aspects for the development of TSC. According to the Technical Service Centre Observatory 2017, carried out on behalf of Asap Service Management Forum, the adoption of computer instruments for communication and marketing activities has improved, starting from the fact that 61% of service centres today rely on an internet site: in 2013, that percentage decreased to 46%. Even if there is still a significant gap with other sectors (for instance, the thermo-technical one), the datum is important and certainly shows a change in progress. Examining the correlation between web site and the legal form of TSC, we can notice that 93% of capital companies have a site, percentage that decreases to 56% concerning one-man companies and 54% for partnerships. Beside, among promotion instruments, rises the importance of social networks (39% of interviewees today use them, against 17% in 2013). The advertising on leaflets is instead decreasing (14% compared to 26% four years ago) and the advertising on magazines (9% compared to 24%). Concerning then the channels to manage customers’ demands, the use of the web site grows (from 4% in 2013 to today’s 7%) and of instruments such as Skype, WhatsApp and similar (growth from 1% to 4%). The fax is no longer used by consumers while the first demands submitted on socials are starting.