The smart technologies of Siemens Avantgarde


Siemens Avantgarde washing machines and dryers combine modern design with state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to the iSelect touch display that simplifies the selection of the most suitable program for laundry and the window opening with a touch, Avantgarde is extremely practical. Moreover, thanks to the iSensoric technology it is able to automatically manage the washing and drying process for the maximum care of the laundry. Considering in particular some technical characteristics, with the Home Connect app it is possible to select and start the washing or drying programs, monitor the progress of a program or know when the laundry is ready, without having to continuously check it. The appliances send push notifications to notify when the laundry is ready or when it is time to refill the detergent or softener dispenser. In addition, thanks to the sensoFresh system it is possible to eliminate odors in short time – even from the most delicate fabrics – without having to wash. Finally, the intelligentCleaning System reduces the maintenance to a minimum. During the drying cycle, the lint residues are removed from the condenser through the automatic washing and collected in a special container placed at the base of the dryer, to be emptied about every 20 cycles. The container equipped with smart sensors is able to signal when it is full.