“Industria 4.0”: +30% in Italy

Massimo Missaglia, CEO of SB Italia

In Italy, the market linked to “Industria 4.0” grew by 30% in 2017 compared to the previous year, with a value of almost 2.4 billion euro. These are the results of the Observatory “Industria 4.0” (Polytechnic University of Milan), which calculated the value of the projects in 2017 in terms of solutions based on the six Smart Manufacturing technologies: Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Advanced Automation, Advanced HMI and Additive Manufacturing. The greatest weight is related to the Industrial IoT, in which about 1.4 billion euros were invested; Industrial Analytics (410 million) and Cloud Manufacturing (200 million, +35%) follow. The role of the “Industria 4.0” National Plan has been decisive for promoting knowledge among the operators and encouraging the projects: 92% of the sample (236 companies) know the incentives, half of these companies has already benefited from the incentives and one in four companies will do so soon. “This is an increasingly mature market – said Massimo Missaglia, CEO of SB Italia, a company specializing in IT solutions for the management, integration and optimization of the business processes -: we are going beyond the initial phase, made up of pilot projects and ‘experiments’ to leave more and more space for structured projects, which are part of an organic process of digitization and which are part of a strategic business plan, with a long-term view. The road is the right one: we are moving towards an alternative concept of enterprise, where the improvement of the processes efficiency and the constant redesign of the business models will find their fundamental driver in the digital technologies. Every day we meet companies that have been able to seize the opportunities of Industria 4.0 and other companies – SMEs but not only – that resist change, until, also through small but targeted projects, we can demonstrate that the well-managed innovation only gives good results”.