The consumer purchasing behavior


Considering the data gathered by GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine, it’s possible to identify some insights on consumer purchasing behavior in Southern Europe (Italy, France and Spain). First of all, the technological upgrade is an important factor in the purchase of Tech & Durables products. The impact of innovation is different depending on the product considered. For example, when they decide to buy a new laptop or a new TV, consumers are driven mainly by the search for better performances. The upgrade is the main motivation to purchase for 19% of the consumers in the case of laptops, and 26% in the case of TV. On the contrary, the upgrade is not an important factor when buying a washing machine. In addition, consumers inform themselves differently depending on the product. When they decide to buy a new laptop, consumers prefer to look for information online (61%). On the contrary, before buying a TV or a washing machine, they are mainly informed in the shop (in 64% and 67% of cases respectively). The habits also change according to the privileged purchasing channel: those who buy online tend to have information only online (only 1 in 4 is addressed first to a physical point of sale). The time interval between need and purchase can be very short. In Southern Europe, 1 in 5 consumers take only one day to pass from the moment they think they need a new TV to the time of purchase (the same for the washing machines). This means that producers and retailers have very little time to attract consumers’ attention and get their preference.


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