Three-phase network analyser


The sector of measurements connected with energy consumption and production is constantly evolving: with QE-POWER-T, Dem spa proposes an instrument able to perform this task in flexible manner.

The three-phase network analyser, with universal current input, is integrated with current transformers, with current or voltage output on the same inputs, and can manage the most common plant typologies, both single-phase and three-phase. It allows monitoring base electric parameters and storing data and it is equipped with RS485 Modbus RTU serial output for reading all parameters while digital is for alarms. The configuration can be carried out through free software.

Equipped with casing of only one DIN, it is ideal for electric distribution panels.

Technical specifications: equivalent to the 0.5S (KWh) class of EN62053-22; equivalent to the 0.5S (KVARh) class of EN62053-24; precision ±0.5% RDG; universal input for current measurements; energy counter; measurement in TRMS of distorted waveforms (voltage/current); Neutral current measurement; one impulsive (Mosfet) for alarms; RS485 serial port; alarm warning through front LED. It is available in three different variants: Standard, Plus, Pro.


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