Hoover’s Collection 7 at the Milan Design Week


During the Milan Design Week, Hoover’s built-in range “Collection 7” is a protagonist at the Vanity Fair Social Garden (Milanostudio Digital). Hoover’s cooking experience includes a series of meetings dedicated to the wellness cuisine. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the value of the “planned cooking”, guaranteed by H-KEEPHEAT 700, the oven designed not only for cooking, but also for preserve at the serving temperature. H-KEEPHEAT is also compatible with the new Google Home and Amazon Alexa Digital Butlers. The Vanity Fair Social Garden also houses H-SYSTEM 700, the healthy cooking system consisting of a compact steam oven, vacuum drawer and blast chiller, which allows low-temperature vacuum cooking and prolonged preservation. Besides, to engage consumers of all ages, Hoover organizes cooking lessons and the Kids Cooking School.


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