Philips: the importance of domestic air quality


On the occasion of the World Allergy Week 2019, Philips has made people aware of the importance of domestic air quality for health and its possible improvement thanks to technological solutions such as air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. The fight against allergies starts from the domestic environment. Philips showed that air purifier and vacuum cleaners can help improve the indoor air quality by reducing the triggering factors such as airborne particles, dust and pollen, helping to create a healthier environment. The collaboration with world-renowned experts – such as the University of Bochum (Germany), AHAM, ECARF and Airmid Healthgroup – combined with the experience in the field of the respiratory health, have enabled Philips to manufacture air treatment products as purifiers, humidifiers and combined products (purifier and humidifier in a single device). The AC3256/10 purifier is characterized by VitaShield IPS technology, able to remove ultra-thin particles up to 0.02 µm and 99.97% of common allergens. Furthermore, the Aerasense technology allows real-time monitoring of the air quality, while the automatic Allergens mode has been designed specifically for the allergy sufferers. The purifier can also be used at night because it is equipped with a night mode that makes it silent. Finally, the SpeedPro Max cordless stick vacuum has a brush with suction on all sides that quickly catches dust and dirt both on floors and carpets. Thanks to the LED lights and accessories, it also allows the dust capture in the most hidden spaces and its triple filtering system retains the dust inside the stick vacuum without dispersing it in the environment.


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