Constant-reading flow testers


Ateq constant-reading flow tester series D exploit the precise clean technology of the laminar airflow. They can be used in manual and automated testing stations.

Ateq D620 represents the most compact and versatile execution, ideal for use in automated lines, installed next to the measuring point to optimize the test. Ateq D670 is the new flow rate control instrument in 19” format, ideal to integrate options and accessories in its interior.

Ateq instruments of D series stand out for the new pneumatic module, new electronics and new graphic interface. Equipped with large colour display, user-friendly and intuitive icon menu, electronic or mechanical pressure adjuster from -1 to 10 bars, they are available in different flow measurement ranges from 1 to 25000 l/h and resolutions up to 0.001 l/h.

Ateq instruments of D series are Industry 4.0 ready: USB port for the management of production data and tool parameters; Ethernet port for net connection for management and remote control in real time; Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, Profinet, Ethercat, Ethernet/IP communication protocols.

Everything has been designed to make the flow tester fast, safe and user friendly.


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