Innovation in refrigerators: the advanced materials of NatureWorks


NatureWorks is an advanced materials company offering a broad portfolio of renewably sourced polymers and chemicals. With performance and economics that compete with oil-based materials, the Ingeo polymers are used in products from coffee capsules and appliances to tea bags and 3D printing filament. At Chinaplas 2019 NatureWorks has showcased new, Ingeo-based applications across a spectrum of industries. In particular, a refrigerator liner was on display “showing how Ingeo’s barrier properties can be leveraged to increase the energy efficiency of refrigerators by 7-15% annually over the life of the appliance – the company explains -. These measurable energy savings are the result of peer-reviewed research conducted by NatureWorks and the United States Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory Peer was detailed in the February 2019 issue of Applied Energy journal”.


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