Total black for Falmec hoods

Falmec Mira Black

Falmec, open to contemporary trends, proposes Plane, Mira, Virgola and Polar hoods in the matt black painted steel finish, thus enriching the wide range of its total black products. The new models are part of the Design collection. Plane Black, Mira Black and Polar Black are available both in the wall version and island (90 cm for Plane, 40 cm for Mira and 35 cm for Polar), and are characterized by a rigorous style. They are equipped with 3 speeds + boost, LED lighting system and a powerful motor (800 m3/h). Besides, Virgola Black (built-in installation) is perfect for dark-colored kitchens thanks to its new finish and the fumè tempered turning glass. In sizes 60, 90 and 120 cm, it has a 600 m3/h motor, 3 speeds and Dynamic LED Light.