Bosch introduced Cookit at IFA


Bosch launched at IFA Cookit, its first connected multifunctional food processor with cooking function. Three cooking modes are possible with Cookit. The consumer can use the step-by-step instructions, or the Guided Cooking as it is known, to choose a favourite recipe from the many pre-installed options offered or can use the automatic programmes. Besides, Cookit offers manual cooking too. The product ensures a precise temperature control up to 200°C and has an XL pot with three-litre capacity. Thanks to smart sensor technology inside the pot, two additional heat sensors continuously measure and align the temperature setting on the bottom and insides. Fitted with multiple professional accessories, Cookit ensures the best results for every dish. Whether shredding, kneading or mixing – with universal blades, 3D mixing and twin beater whisks, preparations are quick, precise and uncomplicated. Even cutting fine vegetables strips is really convenient thanks to the special cutting and shredding discs. Small and large quantities or even three different food items can be prepared gently at the same time with the steam cooking accessories supplied. Finally, the connected Cookit can be used even more conveniently with the Home Connect App. The constant stream of new recipes can be sent with ease from the extensive recipe pool to Cookit, including multiple inspirations from the Kitchen Stories recipe platform. At the same time, the Home Connect App allows the current cooking progress to be tracked flexibly – on the smart phone or even via innovative voice control. For example, users can ask Amazon Alexa from the comfort of the couch when food will be ready and promptly receive the response “Your risotto will be ready in ten minutes”. Cookit will be available from the beginning of 2020.


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