Miele technology for professional cleaning


Miele technology allows to daily clean large volumes of mops and cleaning cloths, offering washing machines and dryers with load capacities from 6 to 32 kg. All machines can be purchased outright, rented or leased, and equipped with useful accessories. At CMS in Berlin (September 24-27), all models with the Mopstar logo will be on display: from compact washing machines and dryers with load capacities of 6 to 8 kg (Little Giants) through to models for a 20 kg load (Benchmark). Miele also offers models with a capacity of 32 kg as well as barrier washers for installation in a diaphragm wall. As explained by the company, washing machines for cleaning textiles feature Miele’s patented pre-spin dewatering process which spins out coarse soil and dirty water at the start of a programme. This allows more fresh water to enter the drum in the main wash. Special programmes offering thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection are available on all model sizes. These allow mops and cleaning cloths to come out of the process ready-for-use and soaked in detergent – with a pre-set residual moisture content. The new generation of Little Giants which has now been available for several months is fitted for the first time with a communication module which connects to external dispensing systems. Hence, the quantity dispensed and the timing can be programmed with precision, ensuring for example that disinfectant is not dispensed at the start of a wash process but only when a certain temperature has been reached. The larger Benchmark washing machines boast the particularly economic use of resources: in each cycle, the laundry load is showered with 500 l of water, simply by circulating the 30 l which enter the drum. This results in cleaning textiles being thoroughly drenched and wetted yet treated with gentle care in the process – all combined with low consumption costs.