Falmec created its modular cooking and suction system


“Starting from the name – Falmec explains – the perfect expression of a concept at the base of the project: Modula is a modular integrated cooking and suction system adaptable to various needs. It declines in different configurations, the result of the combination of cooking elements and suction elements. Everything is enclosed in a steel frame, which joins the components making installation and cleaning operations easy and guaranteeing total integration on the work surface. Suction frame and flap are made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, with Scotch Brite finish: a guarantee of resistance to every test and quality that lasts, impeccable in every detail”. Thanks to the “Flex surface” technology, the induction acts uniformly on all cooking zones, which can be combined to guarantee maximum versatility in the use of pans of different types and sizes. A powerful and efficient brushless motor, combined with the study of air flows and the use of insulating materials, allows high suction performance with the minimum noise contribution.


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