Bertazzoni: five design trends for the kitchen


Valentina Bertazzoni, Style and Marketing Director of Bertazzoni, in collaboration with ItalianBark’s interior design blogger Elisabetta Rizzato, identified five design tips for the kitchen based on the major design trends of 2020 and Bertazzoni’s proposals. The first trend is the total black: the special Bertazzoni finishes such as Carbon and Nero Décor give a strong character to built-in ovens, while Matt Black and the black glass of the hobs embellish the 2020 kitchen with refined details. The second trend is the functional design combining aesthetics and functionality: the kitchens of the new decade will increasingly combine these two apparently distant concepts. Besides, as third trend, the 2020 ideal kitchen is characterized by open solutions with central island, creating a fluid and multifunctional space in direct connection with the living area. Bertazzoni’s induction hobs with integrated hood allow the island layout, ensuring ease of use and cleaning. The filters and motors of these appliances are perfectly integrated in the hob so that their appearance is identical to that of a normal induction hob. The fourth trend regards the smart functionalities: Bertazzoni proposes new built-in ovens in the Total Steam variant ensuring good cooking results while maintaining the nutritional properties of food thanks to the innovative steam injection system. Besides, among the 11 functions there is the new smart interface “Bertazzoni Assistant” which allows users to set and record customized cooking programs. The last trend regards the finishes. In the next decade the focus of research in the field of design will be effects of matter and tactile effects with increasing interest in precious and refined finishes. Bertazzoni’s design has always stood out for the combination of industrial production methods and precision engineering skills with the added value of the know-how that has always characterized Italian craftsmanship. The Bertazzoni Modern Series appliances allow to customize the kitchen environment of the new decade with fine finishes in two metallic variants: copper and zinc. These finishes are realized by hand following traditional methods.


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