Chef Andrea Berton testimonial of Siemens

Chef Andrea Berton (©Marco Scarpa)

Siemens has announced the partnership with Andrea Berton, multi-starred chef and famous for his refined cuisine. The choice of Andrea Berton as testimonial is the result of a strategic evaluation by the German BSH group, which sees the chef as the ideal partner for the Siemens brand, for his ability to create new gastronomic paths and explore new boundaries, albeit with a particular attention to simple recipes and ingredients. “Chef Berton perfectly embodies the ideal testimonial for Siemens, thanks to his style and attention to detail and performance. I believe this partnership will be an excellent opportunity for visibility for both and to strengthen relationships with our customers”, said Sabrina Zago, Head of Marketing at BSH. During 2020, Andrea Berton will be involved in initiatives to support Siemens’ studioLine premium range. In addition, the chef will animate the Siemens stand with his creations during the next edition of Eurocucina.